Enchanted Realism

A practice of creative re-enchantment.

Creative Practice + Art + Archetypal Astrology

I am inviting you to meet your Muse. 

Who is this Muse? Does the soul indeed have a twin that guides us, as Plato said? Do we each have a Muse? I think we do. If we have the vision to see her. I have been working with women artists and healers for the past decade and what has become clear to me is the power of this creative force – this creative angel of becoming – that pulls us forward toward a particular lived experience in the world. Yet our world, and many of the ways we are compelled to live within it, has become the very antithesis of allowing this kind of vision. Most of us can’t recognize our Muse, even though she is within arms reach at all times.

With Enchanted Realism we seek this knowing, this reawakening of our vision, as a dedicated creative wisdom practice. 

Artists have always known her call, and understood that we are participating with something more than ourselves when we enter into sacred creative space.  How can we hear her message more clearly? It is within Archetypal Astrology that I found my most treasured map to reflect on the qualities of our Muse. I would love to show you this map, and share with you this deep, embodied, and playful practice of discovery and enchantment.



My name is Danna Clare and I am an artist, archetypal astrologer and creativity counselor. I offer private session work based on Archetypal Creativity sessions and Enchanted Realism painting classes – together they form a web of practices that includes painting, visioning, symbol awakening, soul dialogue, writing, and contemplation. All are in service of awakening the connection between you and your Muse, revealing her patterns and potentials, and creating a devoted, participatory studio practice to help alchemize and embody her wisdom.

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